Best wishes for the newcomers Ema, Chris & Filip!

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Imaging we are just for a while not at home and there are already three new born babies!!!

Welcome Ema, Chris & Filip!

May your babies be blessed, we wish them all the best.

We can not wait till we finally have the opportunity to hold them in our arms. Congratulations to the parents, we share in the happiness of the beautiful new life you have created.

It was really nice to see few pictures from Ema and Filip both of them are more than cute, they are two little ANGELS.

We are looking forward to see Baby Chris soon as well – Philips we are still waiting for the pictures ;-).

It looks like 2011 is a great year for family planing … 😉

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2 Responses to “Best wishes for the newcomers Ema, Chris & Filip!”

  1. Martina Says:

    A my doufáme, že pro vás bude rok 2012 taky plodný:))))

  2. mama Says:

    A ja tomu verim

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